Anna Lundqvist Music



ANNA LUNDQVIST QUINTET @ Hot clube de Portugal,Lisbon July 2018

ANNA LUNDQVIST QUINTET @ Karlstad jazz club, Nov 2015

ANNA LUNDQVIST QUINTET @ Atalante Gothenburg 2012

The band is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The repertoire is mainly built on original material written by Lundqvist and their interplay, their musicality and personalities. Every gig starts off as ablank sheet. A new challange. They try to keep their minds open so that everything can happen. Music that’s organic, true and alive. 2015 ALQ celebrated a 10 year anniversary. Released TEN (APRIL 2015), a live/best of-album with 12 tracks of the band’s most poular songs. September 1, 2017 their fifth album MEWE was released and was a huge hit, both in Sweden and international. MEWE and ALQ got a nomination for “jazz of the year” at Manifestgalan 2018, Stockholm.

Fabian Kallerdahl (b 1977), piano

One of Sweden’s most esteemed piano players. An amazingly musical and sensitive musician! He received the Jazz in Sweden Award in 2006, and in addition to my band, he also plays with the groups MusicMusicMusic, The Splendor, Anderas Gidlund Quartet, The World etc. Studied at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg.

Mattias Grönroos (b 1977), bass

I was captivated from the very first note. Mattias’ output and personality is unique among double bass players. All this output comes with a natural musicality and a brilliant technical skill. He also plays with Andreas Gildlund Quartet, Evan Svensson Trio and Mats Eriksson/Mattias Grönroos Duo. Studied at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg.

Jon-Erik Björänge (b 1978), drums

An artist. A never-ceasing source of ideas and impulses. Dynamics and tension. We met while studying together at Skurups Folkhögskola.  Playing with Jon-Erik is to feel a complete presence and musicality. All this combined with outstanding groove and timing. He also plays with Fredar Quartet and Håkan Levin/Johannes Landgren etc. Has a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Music in Gothenburg.

Björn Almgren (b 1968), saxophone

A more uncompromising musician is hard to find.  That is always the impression you get when you play with him. He has his own style, piercing through everything with his musicality, energy and electricity. You’ll meet him in jazz bands, pop bands and can also be seen in the band Augustifamiljen, at the TV show “På Spåret”. Studied improvisation at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg.

ABOUT ALQ: Anna Lundqvist Quartet was formed in 2005. In 2009, the line-up became a quintet, and we adopted the extended band name Anna Lundqvist Quartet feat. Björn Almgren.
Since we were both playing as a quartet and a quintet it maked sence to us but it caused to much confusion so now we have shortened it up with: ALQ (Anna Lundqvist Quintet).
Daniel Fredar was the piano player in the band up to the release of the first album, BORDERLINE FIESTA, in September 2009. On the same album, saxophone player Kristian Harborg made a guest appearance. Fabian Kallerdahl became the new piano player in the band. Around that time I decided to expand, and the saxophone player Björn Almgren joined us as a permanent member. With this line-up, we released our second album, CITY, in September 2010. In October 2012 we released our third cd, BEFORE YOU I WAS ALMOST FINE. A new sound together with lyrics writer Lovisa Tavér, who has written all the lyrics for this record. TEN was released in 2015, a live/best of album to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and now they’re in full bloom still on tour with their fifth album MEWE.