Anna Lundqvist Music



Short version:

I’m born in 1977 in Stockholm but I’m raised in a small town called Mellerud in Dalsland, together with my little sister and little brother, mum and dad (also musicians). Before my life became all about jazz I played the cello and sang only classical music. In music high school at SundstaÄlvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad I found jazz. I dedicated my time  traning my voice into the technique of afro and learning about the world of jazz. After that I studied jazz at Skurup Folkhögskola and I have been working profesionally as a singer and composer since 2000. Anna Lundqvist Quintet and Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic are my main projects. Together with ALQ I’ve released four albums: 2009 Borderline fiesta. In 2010 the second, City, October 2012 we released a third cd, Before you I was almost fine. And in April 2015, came our 10 year anniversary album TEN. September 1st 2017, ALQ releases their fifth album MEWE (Prophone/NAXOS)


Long version:

I was born at 13:29 on October 26, 1977, at Nacka Hospital in Stockholm. I was raised in a musical home with a mother who was a violinist, teacher and conductor, and a father who was a double bass and electric bass player, teacher and arranger. The family moved in 1985 to Mellerud, Dalsland, where I grew up.

1983 The cello is introduced. Helena Råberg’s beginner’s classes at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

1986 I start taking singing lessons at the Mellerud music school.

1992–1995 Teaching cello to music school and private students.

1994–1997 Studying music at high school in Karlstad. I change my first instrument from cello to vocals, and take the up the piano as my second instrument. The second year, I change my classical direction to afro. For my diligence and hard work, I receive one of two scholarships when I graduate: the Sven-Ingvar’s scholarship.

1996 I retrain my voice to afro, and meet my mentor ever since, Gun-Britt Gustafsson.

1997–1998 I move to Kalmar, teach at a culture school and freelance as a singer.

1998–2000 Studying jazz at Skurups Folkhögskola.

2000 I play the part of Mary Magdalene in a semi-professional production of Jesus Christ Superstar, touring Lithuania (Swedish/Lithuanian cast).

2000–2001 Living in Malmö. Playing mainly on duo with the pianist Jonas André.

2001–2002 I move to Gothenburg. I play on duo and quintet with Daniel Fredar and Mattias Grönroos.

2002 I receive a six month scholarship to go to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa, to work with the artists at the record company Seydoni/CDT. Teacher, roadie on tours and guest artist on an album with the ethno/hip hop band Zion B from Mali.

2002–2004 I move to Kalmar for a couple of years, freelancing as a singer.

2004–2006 Living in Trollhättan. Teaching and freelancing.

2005 Anna Lundqvist Quartet is formed together with Daniel Fredar (piano), Mattias Grönroos (double bass) and Jon-Erik Björänge (drums).

2006 I move to Gothenburg again. Decide to work exclusively with my own material and ALQ. The debut album is planned.

2007 In December, Anna Lundqvist Quartet records the debut album BORDERLINE FIESTA at Studio Bohus with Åke Linton. Saxophone player Kristian Harborg appears as a guest on the album.

2008 dB Productions signs us for BORDERLINE FIESTA.

I get elected for the committee of IMPRA.

2009 BORDERLINE FIESTA is released on September 23, and receives brilliant reviews and praise. Named as the strongest Swedish debut album of the year by several magazines. The tour in October generates many record sales and crowded houses. STIM/Svensk Musik buys a considerable part of the edition for export.

2010 Daniel Fredar takes his leave and ALQ gets a new pianist: Fabian Kallerdahl. Björn Almgren becomes a permanent member of the band. Anna Lundqvist Quartet feat. Björn Almgren becomes the new official name.

I appear as a guest on Teresa Indebetou Band’s debut album FLOWING. Recorded in January, released in the fall.

On May 28–29, Anna Lundqvist Quartet feat. Björn Almgren record the second album, CITY, at Studio Bohus with Åke Linton. CITY is released on September 20 and is well received by the media, just like the debut of the year before. Also released on dB Productions.

2011 Elected as chairwoman of IMPRA.

The band-name changes again. It was to long and caused to much confusion! New name: A L Q (stands for Anna Lundqvist Quintet)

Next album is being planned. During 2011 I’m writing new material together with lyrics writer Lovisa Tavér. Release is set for 2012.

2012 The third album with ALQ is recorded in May at Konstepidemin studio together with soundengineer Johannes Lundberg, Gothenburg. Just as the other two records, it will be released by record-company dB Productions. Release October 2012.

Elected as chairwoman of Musician’s union section 20.

2013 Starts the project Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic, a septett with brass quintet, drums and vocals. Tour 2013/2014

I arrange my music for big band. Both concerts and recordings are in the pipeline for 2014/2015. Collaborations with professional and semi-pro big band’s.

ALQ and I signs up with management Angie Seegers and MWW Management in Los Angeles/Europe.

2014 My new band Brass Magic have it’s premiere! I’m moving to a new city, Vänersborg but remain still working in Gothenburg.

2015 ALQ has a 10 year anniversary and celebrates with a new album – TEN. A live-recording-best-of-ALQ-album with 12 of the most popular songs from the band. Signes up with a new record label, Prophone records (NAXOS).

I publish my own songbook. THE ANNA LUNDQVIST SONGBOOK with 24 of my tunes in one note book. Together with Recito förlag (publications).

2016 Recordings with Johan Örtlund Aglaia for upcoming album, November 2016.

I’m starting my new job as a artistic director of jazz at Music academy Vänersborg. Developing camps, competitions, festivals and other educational events for young jazz students. Part-time.

2017 ALQ’s fifth album is recorded and released Sep. 1st. MEWE (Prophone/NAXOS).