Anna Lundqvist Music



I’m born in 1977 in Stockholm but I’m raised in a small town called Mellerud in west of Sweden. I’m educated at music high school at SundstaÄlvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad and the musicians program at Skurup Folkhögskola. I graduated year 2000 and have been working profesionally as a singer and composer since. Anna Lundqvist Quintet are my main project. Together with ALQ I’ve released five albums: 2009 ‘Borderline fiesta’. In 2010 the second, ‘City’. October 2012 we released a third cd, ‘Before you I was almost fine’. April 2015, we had our 10 year anniversary with an album to go with it: ‘TEN’. ALQ released their fifth album ‘MEWE’ (Prophone/NAXOS) Sept 2017. A huge succes world wide and on top of that: MEWE and ALQ got a nomination for “jazz of the year 2018” at the prestigious Manifestgalan, Stockholm.

Other infos: I also arrange music for bigband/other ensembles/projects and I work part time as the artistic director of Music academy of Vänersborg jazz and improvisation. I’m also doing lectures both in Sweden and abroad in the subjects of vocal training, jazz and improvisition, ensemble, composing and music management. I have been active politically, as head of boarder in associations such as: IMPRA (equality in music) and Musicians union (west dept.)