Anna Lundqvist Music



I’m born in 1977 in Stockholm but I’m raised in a small town called Mellerud in west of Sweden, together with my little sister, little brother, mum and dad (also musicians). Before my life became all about jazz I played the cello and sang only classical music. In music high school at SundstaÄlvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad I found jazz. I dedicated my time traning my voice into the technique of Afro American style and learning about the world of jazz. After that I studied jazz at Skurup Folkhögskola and I have been working profesionally as a singer and composer since 2000. Anna Lundqvist Quintet are my main project. Together with ALQ I’ve released five albums: 2009 ‘Borderline fiesta’. In 2010 the second, ‘City’. October 2012 we released a third cd, ‘Before you I was almost fine’. April 2015, we had our 10 year anniversary with an album to go with it: ‘TEN’. ALQ released their fifth album ‘MEWE’ (Prophone/NAXOS) Sept 2017. A huge succes world wide and on top of that: MEWE and ALQ got a nomination for “jazz of the year 2018” at the prestigious Manifestgalan, Stockholm.

Other infos: I also arrange music for bigband/other ensembles/projects and I work part time as the artistic director of Music academy of Vänersborg jazz and improvisation. I have been active as head of boarder in associations such as: IMPRA and Musicians union (west dept.)