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Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic @ Fasching Jazz club, Stockholm Dec. 17 2014 (compilation)

ALQ @ Carlstad Jazz 30 Nov. 2014 – Are you insane?

Pic: ALQ @ Bollnäs Jazz club Sept. 2 2014

ALQ Bollnäs

New video! Full concert clip from the release of new cd Before you I was almost fine. Atalante 31/10 2012.

EPK by Damien Priest

Music video by Hessam Esfahani Hessam Hezzy Esfahani

ALQ @ Svensk jazz annual meeting Jazzriksdagen May 4 in Vänersborg

(short cut of the new song ” A call from the inside”)

Shot by Lars Wall, Enköpings Musikförening

ALQ @ Fasching Jazzclub, Stockholm. Jan. 25 2012. Photo: Roland Casselbrant

ALQ @ Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm 6/9 2011

Original performance of the song Tribute

ALQ @ Nefertiti Jazzclub, Gothenburg 30/9 2011

A L Q @ Borlänge Jazzklubb 5 Sep 2011 photo: Peter Bernulf

A L Q @ Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm 6-7 Sep 2011 photo: Mats Äleklint

ALQ @ The jazz sessions, Gothenburg Apr. 2010. Shot by Damien Priest.

ALQ @ Nefertiti, Gothenburg Mar 2010. photo: Sandra Olsson

Anna Lundqvist

Anna Lundqvist

Anna Lundqvist

Anna Lundqvist Quartet feat. Björn Almgren at Falkenberg Jazzclub Oct 2010 photo: Magnus Karlsson

ALQ @ Nefertiti March 2010 (Show-reel dB Productions)

Åke Linton working on the cd City June 2010