Anna Lundqvist Music

”This is really remarkable music by any measurement.”

Anna’s strength is her unusually powerful, self-assured attitude.
Her clearly schooled, but at the same time very natural, personal voice,
diction and phrasing is not commonplace in today’s jazz climate”


JAZZAHEAD in Bremen is coming up, April 19-23. Make sure to meet me there!

MANIFESTGALAN 2018 – nominated Jazz of the year


New album MEWE – out now!
CD, Vinyl and digital. order:



Mar. 16 ALQ @ Trollhättan jazz club


Oct. 26 ALQ @ Trollhättan jazz and blues festival, TBA

Jul. 26, 27 and 28 ALQ @ Hot clube de Portugal, Lisbon TBA

Jul. 18-19 Vocal Camp, Öland more info send an email to

Jul. 5 Anna Lundqvist (vox)/ Elias Källvik (guitar) @ Goodnight sun, Malmö TBA

Apr. 19-23 Jazzahead – I’m around all weekend – meet me there! Sweden Music Export/MCV/MCR

Mar. 18 Jazz with lyrics from the poets of south Öland. Byskolan, 15.00. Kastlösa, Öland. Vocals/composers: Anna Lundqvist and Maria Rylander.

Mar. 7 ALQ @ Fridhems folkhöskola (pre-college), concert and clinic 14.00

Mar. 6 ALQ @ Malmö jazz club, TBA

Feb. 2 ALQ/MEWE are nominated for best jazz 2017 @ MANIFESTGALAN, Nalen, Stockholm. Tickets:

Feb. 1 ALQ @ Unity jazz club, Gothenburg 20.00


Dec. 26 Christmas concert @ Smedby Kyrka (church), Öland. Anna Lundqvist (vo), Christer Svensson (piano/organ).

Nov. 27 YOKE Anna Lundqvist (vo)/Martin Olsson (bass) duo, concert and clinic @ Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa, Portugal.

Nov. 24 YOKE Anna Lundqvist (vo)/Martin Olsson (bass) duo @ Cascais jazz club. – CANCELLED

Nov. 18 YOKE Anna Lundqvist (vo)/Martin Olsson (bass) @ Unity jazz club, Gothenburg 19.30

Nov. 17 ALQ @ Bellevue jazz club, Gothenburg (SE)  MEWE release tour

Nov. 16 ALQ feat. Krister Jonsson @ Vänersborg Musikförening 19.00 MEWE release tour, official party!

Nov. 7 ALQ @ Fasching jazz club, Stockholm 19.00 MEWE release tour

Nov. 2 Aglaia @ Bunkernfestivalen, Nefertiti jazz club Gothenburg.

Oct. 29 Concert at Kalmar Theatre with East Coast (Östkusten) Big band. Other guests: Lola Regentahl and Maria Rylander. – Venue cancelled and moved until spring 2018!

Sep. 30 Concerts on Öland, Sweden. Världsarvsmusik. 12.00 Färjestaden library, 19.00 Smedby Hembygdsgård.

Sep. 1 Release date for new album MEWE. Look out for some kind of venue with cake and champange! (tour in November).



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