Anna Lundqvist Music


Anna’s strength is her unusually powerful, self-assured attitude. Her clearly schooled, but at the same time very natural, personal voice, diction and phrasing is not commonplace in today’s jazz climate” 



International bookings for ALQ – Anna Lundqvist Quintet through: Angie Seegers


Working on new tunes for ALQ’s next album, to be released in 2015.

Also ALQ’s 10th-year-anniversary next year will be celebrated with another release, that is two albums during 2015 folks! Busy bee!



Nov. 30 ALQ play @ Karlstad Jazz club TBA

Oct. 19 (can be changed) Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Lerum jazz TBA

Sep. 13 Workshop for choir (private)

Sep. 2 ALQ play @ Bollnäs Jazz club TBA

Aug. 31 Concert together with Vargön Big band, my songs and arrangements, TBA

Aug. 4-8 Guest teacher @ Jazz camp Vänersborg together with Lisen Rylander (Midaircondo, The Splendor) and Fabian Kallerdahl (Le system, MusicMusicMusic) among others.

Jul. 27 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Södra Bruket, Degerhamn Öland TBA

TBA (during festival in july) Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Ljazz, Ljungskile jazz club TBA

Jul. 23 Jazz concert, Söderport, Kalmar

Jul. 21-22 Vocal camp, Smedby Öland (local event)

Jul. 20 Me and Christer Svensson (pi/organ) play jazz and swedish tunes at Kalmar Slott, Kalmar. (Castle of Kalmar)

Jul. 5 Jazz concert w Niklas Gunhamn and others, Hörby TBA

Jun. 29 Örtlund/Lundqvist/Öberg. Jazz trio @ Sundsby Säteri, Tjörn.  (Johan Örtlund-double bass, Per Ödberg-guitar)

Maj. 10 Debate and seminar @ Gamlestans jazzfestival

Feb. 22 Seminar about equality in the music institutions @ Umeå folk fest

Feb. 20 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Musikerföreningen Vänersborg

Feb. 19 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Västerlånga kultur och media, Folkets Hus Lilla Edet kl 19.

Feb. 18 ALQ @ Lilla Hotellbaren, Scandic. Stockholm 20.30

Feb. 11 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ 2Lång Premier concert for Brass Magic!!



Nov. 14 I play with Henrik Gad Kvartett @ Vänersborgs Musikförening. .

Nov 4 ALQ play @ Cookin’ jazz club, Borås 18.00

Sep. 13   Jag and Fabian Kallerdahl @ Upperud 9:9. Standards and original tunes. 19.00

Sep. 13 Find and check us out at MCV promo day @ STORAN Gothenburg. We’ll enter the stage around 13.40

Aug. 5-8 Jazz Camp, Musikens Vänersborg.  Teacher for ensemble’s together with Bobo Stenson, Susanna Risberg, Jon Fält, Elin Larsson, Lars Danielsson and more.

Aug. 4 ALQ @ Ystad Jazzfestival 15.00 Scala

Jul. 25 Concert with me and Christer Svensson (organ/piano) play @ Kastlösa Kyrka/church Öland. TBA

Jul. 21 Concert with me and Christer Svensson (organ/piano) play @ Kalmar Slott. TBA

Apr. 17 Jazz workshop for singers and ensemble @ Plusgymnasiet, Uddevalla (private)

Apr. 9 ALQ @ Halmstad Jazzclub – Jazz i Halmstad TBA

Apr. 6 I lecture at “La Femme” @ Trollhättan. Workshops for women’s musicianship. Link to previous events