Anna Lundqvist Music


Anna’s strength is her unusually powerful, self-assured attitude. Her clearly schooled, but at the same time very natural, personal voice, diction and phrasing is not commonplace in today’s jazz climate” 

Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic @ Fasching Jazz club, Stockholm Dec. 17 2014 (compilation)

ALQ @ Carlstad Jazz 30 Nov. 2014 – Are you insane?


International bookings for ALQ – Anna Lundqvist Quintet through: Angie Seegers

Working on new tunes for ALQ’s next album, to be released in 2015.

Also ALQ’s 10th-year-anniversary next year will be celebrated with another release, that is two albums during 2015 folks! Busy bee!

Recordings with Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic is also in pipeline, so stay tuned!



Dec. 17 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Fasching Jazz club, Stockholm

Nov. 30 ALQ play @ Karlstad Jazz club TBA

Oct. 19 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Lerum jazz TBA

Sep. 16 Workshop @ One hour session, Trollhättan

Sep. 13 Workshop for choir (private)

Sep. 2 ALQ play @ Bollnäs Jazz club TBA

Aug. 31 Concert together with Vargön Big band, my songs and arrangements, TBA

Aug. 20 I speak at a culture meeting between politicians, musicians and venue arrangers. Short speach about the life of freelance musician. Open session. Gothenburg 17.00 Folkets hus, Olof Palmes plats 13.

Aug. 4-8 Guest teacher @ Jazz camp Vänersborg together with Lisen Rylander (Midaircondo, The Splendor) and Fabian Kallerdahl (Le system, MusicMusicMusic) among others.

Jul. 27 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Södra Bruket, Degerhamn Öland 20.00

Jul. 23 Jazz concert, Söderport, Kalmar

Jul. 21-22 Vocal camp, Smedby Öland (local event)

Jul. 20 Me and Christer Svensson (pi/organ) play jazz and swedish tunes at Kalmar Slott, Kalmar. (Castle of Kalmar) 19.00

Jul. 13 Free form art duo performance together with dancer (and little sister) Karin Lundqvist @ Södra Bruket, Degerhamn Öland. Theme of the evening: “Music and dance with a touch of literature” 20.00

Jul. 5 Jazz concert w Niklas Gunhamn and others, Hörby kl 18 (may be private event)

Jun. 29 Örtlund/Lundqvist/Öberg. Jazz trio @ Sundsby Säteri, Tjörn.  (Johan Örtlund-double bass, Per Ödberg-guitar)

Maj. 10 Debate and seminar @ Gamlestans jazzfestival

Apr. 29 Master class and workshop, Billströmska folkhögskola, (program of music), Tjörn.

Feb. 22 Seminar about equality in the music institutions @ Umeå folk fest

Feb. 20 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Musikerföreningen Vänersborg

Feb. 19 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ Västerlånga kultur och media, Folkets Hus Lilla Edet kl 19.

Feb. 18 ALQ @ Lilla Hotellbaren, Scandic. Stockholm 20.30

Feb. 11 Anna Lundqvist Brass Magic play @ 2Lång Premier concert for Brass Magic!!

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