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‘MEWE’, release September 1, 2017

from The history of jazz in Europe, Oct 2, 2019

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from The New York City Jazz Record, issue no1 2018


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“5 out of 5 possible in for MEWE! No lyrics, it’s the voice itself that’s important here. And she does it well. The voice is as an instrument integrated with other instruments included in the quintet. So assured it ever goes. Both in ensemble and when it comes to improvisations with the instruments around…Yes, Anna Lundqvist has clearly shown that the word does not always matter to what’s sung. It is suggestively serious, both vocals and ensemble and that suits me as a listener, where everyone is equally involved.”
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“Anna Lundqvist has written all the tracks, best known as dynamic and melodious contemporary jazz with power. She is together with some formidable musicians, where pianist Fabian Kallerdahl again impresses. Saxophonist Björn Almgren is good together with Lundqvist’s voice. So to return to my prejudices about wordless song, they die before the album is finished. Lundqvist finds a natural way with her musicians and does not become a strained pose.” Niels Overgård,

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‘TEN’, release April 13 2015

By Lynn Rene Bayley, Fanfaremag.


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”Anna dissolves all artificial boundaries between technology and the internal power of expression and necessity. She sings with supreme contained and agile voice. She climbs quickly like a weasel in the scales and improvises playful both on the melody and the rhythm..” Music magazine LIRA, Magnus Eriksson

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Reviews of BEFORE YOU I WAS ALMOST FINE (release Oct. 22 2012)

From Lynn at Review of Before you I was almost fine (2012)


”After the debut album ”Borderline fiesta” and the, a bit more tuffer, follower ”City” Anna Lundqvist releases a cd that sometimes are just as hot as the red cover and the track ”Don’t play with fire (Before you I was almost fine)”. Martin Erlandsson Hallands Nyheter (4/5)


‘CITY’ (release Sep. 2010)

“Singer and composer Anna Lundqvist creates a direct and positive feeling with the opening and eventful title track ‘The City’, where you also come into close contact with her four well-chosen musicians (…) Among all young singers/composers who have come forward these last few years, Anna Lundqvist is one of the most convincing, and it will be interesting to follow what’s to come.”                                                                                            Gunnar Holmberg, (3,5/5)

“There are many good Swedish jazz singers, but Anna has something extra in her voice. Her songs fit right into the jazz tradition. Strong melodies and a good balance between vocals and music. Where I Belong is a good example of how well the group plays together and listens to each other.” Jan Backenroth, Skaraborgs Allehanda (4/5)

“Anna Lundqvist (who was in Falkenberg on October 2) follows up her successful debut ’Borderline Fiesta’ and proves that she is an excellent singer with a beautifully unaffected voice, but actually an even better songwriter. The title track kick-starts an album with varied contemporary jazz, combining busy bop, burning bossa and beautiful ballads.” Martin Erlandsson, Hallandsposten (4/5)

About the album: “Ten tracks of jazz in the latest fashion. Tracks where Anna sings with sparkling rhythmics, feeling and energy, combined with vigorous playing by all instrumentalists on the two opening tracks The City and Where I Belong.” About the concert at Bollnäs Jazzclub, September 7, 2010: “A young new group, Anna Lundqvist Quartet feat. Björn Almgren is truly the prototype for young, skillful, and freshly progressive jazz musicians of today. They offered a fiery start of the jazz club fall. (…) All with brilliant playing that radiated audible as well as visible joy. Add to that great technical skill. They simply possess that fervent feeling and thrive in their playing. In the communication as well as in their powerful solo performances. (…) Every note hit the spot, from the very beginning of the opening song The City” Thord Ehnberg, Ljusnan

“I really like Anna. She has a wonderful voice with body, elasticity and a wide range. At times she reminds me a bit of Flora Purim. She surrounds herself with highly talented and qualified musicians” Bo Levander, Jönköpingsposten (3/5)

“The Swedish vocal jazz scene has delivered very good singers for many years, and Anna Lundqvist stands well in the competition. (…) The album is magical from beginning to end. LIRA LIKES” Maria Lagergreen, Lira Music Magazine no. 4 2010

“…solid high quality jazz. But singer Anna Lundqvist cannot be ignored for much longer. Her second album, featuring Björn Almgren on saxophone, contains a long row of strong, personal compositions and is driven forward by a delightful energy and natural quality to the smallest detail. First-rate.” Patrik Lindgren, Lira Music Magazine no. 4 2010 (Lira Lyssna)

“Musically, this quartet is great, even better than on last year’s debut. There’s a delightful intensity in the rhythm section, bass player Mattias Grönroos and drummer Jon-Erik Björänge. Saxophone player Björn Almgren and pianist Fabian Kallerdahl contribute with their supremely playful solos. At the center stands Anna Lundqvist, singer, composer, lyricist and producer.” Sven Bjerstedt, Kristianstadsbladet (3/5

“Lundqvist is a singer to keep ones eyes and ears on, because what she’s done so far bodes more than well for the future!” Magnus Nilsson, Smålandsposten (4/5)

“Anna’s strength is her unusually powerful, self-assured attitude. Her clearly schooled, but at the same time very natural, personal voice, diction and phrasing is not commonplace in today’s jazz climate” Orkesterjournalen (the album club)

‘BORDERLINE FIESTA’ (release Sep. 23, 2009)

“As a whole, BORDERLINE FIESTA is a successful debut, probably one of the best Swedish debuts this year.” Bertil Sundin, OJ Orkesterjournalen (4/5)

“She sings her own songs with a beautiful voice that also ventures out to fuss and row with the musicians’ notes… This may be one of the strongest albums of this fall.” Timo Kangas, Dalarnas Tidningar (4/5)

“Wow, this sounds wonderful, is my first thought when I turn on Anna Lundqvist’s album. She is extremely skillful, as a singer, composer and arranger.” My Ericson, Nerikes Allehanda (4/5)

“I might as well start with the obvious. Jazz singer Anna Lundqvist is smoking hot on stage, like fresh chili with a splash of tabasco.” Christoffer Sjölin, TT ELA – from concert at Vänersborg Jazz Club, Oct. 1, 2009

“Singer Anna Lundqvist creates an almost tactile imminence with her vocal outpours … close dynamics between Anna Lundqvist’s confident, modern singing-style and Daniel Fredar’s imaginative, Monk-style jagged piano playing.” Magnus Eriksson, Svenska Dagbladet (4/6)

“Borderline Fiesta is a mature and enthralling debut work which doesn’t fall into the easily singable singer/songwriter category dominating much of the Swedish vocal jazz. Here we find dynamics and surprises in a varied and exciting material.” Olle Hernegren, Nya Wermlandstidningen (3/5)

“LIRA LIKES” Bengt Eriksson, Lira Music Magazine